Canadian Taxes
Effective July 1, 2012 membership fees charged by APWA/CPWA are subject to Canadian taxes under the Excise Tax Act.  Your APWA/CPWA invoice and receipt for membership dues will now reflect the applicable GST, HST, PST (or QST for those in Quebec), respectively.  If you are completing a new membership application and need assistance with the tax rates, please use the chart below.

You may be entitled to claim a rebate to recover the taxes you paid on certain property and services.  If you paid these taxes while generating taxable supplies, the taxes you paid on certain property and services may be eligible as input tax credits and/or input tax refunds.  Please consult your tax professional accordingly.  More information about the GST/HST rebates is available on the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) website at  Or for information about calculating your Input Tax Credit (ITC), visit (information about the Input Tax Refund, for those in Quebec, can be found at

ProvinceHST %GST %PST %
Alberta (AB)050
British Columbia  (BC)057
Manitoba  (MB)058
Newfoundland and Labrador  (NL)1500
Nova Scotia  (NS)1500
New Brunswick  (NB)1500
Northwest Territories  (NT)050
Nunavut  (NU)050
Ontario  (ON)1300
Prince Edward Islands  (PE)1500
Quebec (QC)    (QST)059.975
Saskatchewan  (SK)055
Yukon Territories  (YT)050


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