Asset Management

Asset Management Organizations

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Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM)

The Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) is the association of public infrastructure asset management in Canada.  CNAM shares knowledge regarding policy, tools and technologies which improve the level of service for public infrastructure assets.  CNAM provides education including webinars and holds an annual conference focused on asset management. CNAM also provides valuable resources on their CNAMpedia website.

Asset Mgmt-BC logoAsset Management BC

Asset Management BC provides a forum for local government and key industry representatives to assist in the advancement of asset management in British Columbia.  AMBC provides resources, training, and has produced an “Asset Management for Sustainable Delivery: A BC Framework” and other tools for better practice.  Asset Management BC also produces an excellent newsletter.

IPWEA-Asset Mgmt logoInstitute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA)

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) offers training programs, education, resources and an on-line professional certification program. IPWEA is an acknowledged leader in the field of asset management.  In addition, IPWEA has been holding workshops in several Canadian cities as the issue of asset management moves to the forefront of infrastructure planning and maintenance.

NAMS logoNew Zealand Asset Management Support (NAMS)

Since 1995, New Zealand Asset Management Support has operated as a nonprofit industry organization in New Zealand.  NAMS was established to promote best practice guidelines, publications, training, knowledge, and services in asset management.

Tools for Asset Management

Asset Management Primer

The Asset Management Primer was contributed by CNAM in support of the 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC).  The Primer was a response to the 2012 CIRC which showed a need for improvement in the practice of asset management in municipalities.  Click here for the English version of the Asset Management Primer, or here for the French version.


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