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CPWA - The Voice of Public Works

The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA), or Association Canadienne des Travaux Publics (ACTP), was founded in 1986. Since that time, CPWA has become “the voice of public works in Canada.” 

Who are CPWA members?

There are more than 2,250 members of CPWA in Canada. These public works professionals are also members of the American Public Works Association (APWA), resulting in a combined membership of over 29,000 in North America. CPWA members plan, design, build, operate and maintain transportation, water supply, storm drainage, sewage and refuse disposal systems, public buildings, and other structures and facilities and provide community services that are essential to Canada’s economy and quality of life. 

How does CPWA advocate for public works?

Recognizing the need for national advocacy for public works, the eight member CPWA Board of Directors addresses national-level advocacy and outreach issues in Canada. CPWA has a history of involvement in national initiatives, such as the National Roundtable for Sustainable Infrastructure (NRTSI) and the National Asset Management Working Group, and was one of the four founding organizations that produced the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC) in 2012 and 2016 (

CPWA often works in collaboration with other stakeholders to highlight issues of mutual concern and to promote infrastructure as one of the economic drivers for the nation. The Advocacy/Projects > Projects and Collaborations section provides more information about CPWA's advocacy efforts. 

What about public outreach?

One of CPWA’s most visible public works outreach campaigns is National Public Works Week (NPWW). NPWW is a celebration of the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works. NPWW seeks to inform both policymakers and the public about the essential services that public works provides and about the professionals who provide those services. Municipalities provide public tours, career fairs, equipment displays, and school visits. NPWW is observed each year during the third full week of May. The Outreach > Nat'l Public Works Week section provides more information about NPWW and other outreach efforts.

Do members in Canada have access to chapters?

Members in Canada have access to eight chapters which provide a local connection with the association.  The About CPWA > Chapters section provides more information about CPWA chapters. 

More Information can be found on this CPWA Fact Sheet (PDF).


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